1. I was supposed to go to New York Thursday but a series of unfortunate events (illness, work, stress) led to cancelling
  2. So instead of flying to NYC I went to the doctor and got some drugs and slept most of the day yesterday
  3. Then I binge watched a DARK amount of television last night and today
    I'm talking the end of Parenthood😭, ALL of You're the Worst, and heavy amounts of like 3 other shows
  4. I haven't left the house, I've had groceries and food delivered
  5. Now @CaitiMakesLists is on her way over and she's THE BEST & new here, follow her!
    Surely she'll make some lists soon!
  6. We're going to eat dinner (delivered, of course) and drink whiskey and DANCE 💃🏻
  7. I haven't gone dancing since AUGUST which has me spiraling into an identity crisis
    To be clear I'm talking the twist to golden oldies, not like dancing at da club
  8. And THEN we get to come home to all the snacks I bought us for post-dance shenanigans because I'm a thoughtful drunk who likes to come home to her favorite salty and sweet delights!
  9. 🎉🎉🎉