I am a bad person for complaining about luxury but this is who I am right now
  1. Picking a color
    This is going to be a reflection of who I am for the next 3-4 weeks. Am I classic and red? Bubbly and pink? Funky and teal? Festive and gold? WENT WITH GOLD FEELING OK ABOUT IT
  2. Waters too hot
    But if you tell them they make it too cold, suffer while your body works hard to adjust
  3. Sharp things on tender body parts
    Only Michelle is allowed to come near me with sharp objects. She's aggressive and quick, yet comforting
  4. Exfoliating tickles
    I want to laugh and cry at the same time
  5. Pressure for skin treatments I don't understand
    Their strategy is to insult your skin quality and guilt you into an extra $5 or $7 treatment and yeah I usually cave
  6. Lazy massages
    The massage is my favorite part but sometimes their hearts not in it, and then I feel guilty about being bummed because my heart wouldn't be in it either if I had to rub feet all day either
  7. The paint job
    I'm a perfectionist. This is a real test of my character
  8. Not messing them up on the way out
  9. Done and dry 💁🏻