This list came to me when I was in bed reliving the humiliation of all the mistakes I've made 👌🏼
  1. Grade 3: I thought I saw one of my friends on the playground (I have terrible vision and had not been prescribed glasses yet) so I decided to run up from behind to hug her. You guessed it, she was a total stranger. I think I stared at her and then sprinted away. I got pointed at and laughed at whenever I saw her.
    Tbh could be why I have issues showing affection to this this day. I don't like hugging.
    Thanks puberty!
  3. Community college: some guy talked to me after class but all I hard was gibberish. And I kept asking "what was that?" And he'd repeat himself but it sounded -entirely- different. I must have said "what?" ten times.
    I got super uncomfortable after the 11th time and just said "hah yeah" and b-lined it in another direction. Whoever you are, I am so sorry I'm an idiot.
  4. First day of internship: I introduced myself (Erin) and the manager started the meeting: "I'm gonna do some talking, then Erin will take over." I laughed a little too hard thinking he was joking but people just stared at me. We have an IT guy named Aaron who had a presentation.
    Having someone else with my name in the office has led to countless awkward misunderstandings.