Childrens Books I Love(d)

  1. Pigericks
    My dad gave me this when I was in a bad mood and I threw it on the ground. I will always regret that. But I still have this book by Arnold Lobel that is limericks about pigs.
  2. Three By The Sea
    By Edward Marshall. A mouse buys a pet cat. The cat is very coy about telling the mouse what he likes to eat. But the mouse simply must know. So finally the cat tells him: Cheese!
  3. Owl at Home
    Another by Arnold Lobel. Owl lives alone. One night he feels bad for winter so he invites it inside his warm home. Sometimes he thinks of sad things to make tear water tea.
  4. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
    By Judi Barrett. I have never quite recovered from the sadness of the characters having to leave the town of Chewandswallow. Best illustrations. (I try to forget the movie exists)
  5. Pancakes For Breakfast
    By Tomie DePaola. I think I just like books that make me hungry and cozy.
  6. Happy Winter
    By Karen Gundersheimer. This is another one that makes you hungry and cozy. Also it's a mom and two kids with no explanation about where the dad is which growing up my family always liked. Being a single mom didn't have to be sad or weird. Or maybe the dad was at work.
  7. Grover and The Everything in the Whole Wide World Museum.
    By Norman Stiles. I found it so comforting that everything in the world was organized into a friendly museum. I used to have nightmares as a kid that I had to count all the grains of sand or all the fish in the sea.
  8. Oh, What a Busy Day!
    By Gyo Fukikawa. A group of little kids spends the whole day running around in fields, hiding from a rainstorm, swimming, and having picnics. And it makes me cozy and hungry.
  9. Where the Wild Things Are
    By Maurice Sendak. I could never make a list of children's books without this. But again, I try to forget the movie exists.
  10. Bread and Jam For Frances
    By Russell Hoban. Ok I only ever want to feel hungry and cozy forever.