Come Ons I Used in High School

  1. I gave Chris Baker an eggplant. He said, "How do I eat it?" I said, "You don't. It's a pet." Melissa Gurski saw him petting it later in Bio. We never made out but I feel I came close.
  2. "I love you." Said this and MEANT IT when I was a freshman to a senior I'd made out with the weekend before. Got back "I love you, too. But not the way you want me to."
  3. "Do you think it would be fun to kiss me if I used this honey as lipgloss?" Applied honey from the little packet that came with my tea to my lips. No dice.
  4. "Do you think it would be fun to kiss me if I used this Dum Dum as lipgloss?" Applied sticky Dum Dum lollipop to lips. Bingo!
  5. "If you don't kiss me now I'm going to explode." Snagged my first boyfriend with this one after only two months of hanging out wondering if the other person was into us.
  6. "My name means Ireland." Used on St Patrick's Day and scored kisses from two popular guys at a party back to back. At the time, I felt this was a real accomplishment.