1. Babysitter
    In 6th grade I had the babysitting monopoly on White Oak Road in Raleigh, NC. I got my mom to let me stay out until 11 so I could compete with Leslie Jones who was a year older.
  2. Hostess
    When I was 16 I was a hostess at Pastabilities in Ojai, California. People would ask me to recommend a wine to pair with their appetizer. I had braces.
  3. Pizza Delivery Girl
    When I was 18 I delivered pizza for Dominos in Ojai. I had what I was hoping was a Natalie Imbruglia haircut but was more of a skater boy shag. Girls at slumber parties would watch me approach the door with my baseball hat and shriek, "The pizza boy!!!!!.... aww, it's a pizza girl."
  4. Caterer
    When first moved to LA I worked for a catering company called The Kitchen. I used my Thomas Guide to get to mansions in Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades. Once I had to wear a straw hat with sticks of teriyaki poking out of it that guests could pull out when I bent toward them.
  5. Nanny
    Shortly after I got quit catering I got a job working for a family every day. It became clear in the first few weeks the parents were divorcing but they never discussed it with the kids. It was really pretty terrible watching them slowly figure it out.
  6. Background Artist
    Aka "extra" or "cattle." I worked mainly on one show for two seasons. Being that close to what I want to do and being essentially moving furniture was pretty soul-sucking and I got out as fast as I could. I was so embarrassed by extras who were excited to be there, as if someone might associate me with them.
  7. Substitute Teacher
    I substitute taught in Monrovia Unified off and on for about 8 years. Pre-K through high school. My favorite job was a year long assignment in an Autism class. I fell in love hard with those kids. My least favorite jobs were in the high school with kids who just hated any adult on sight and I was the latest adult. Once a class paint balled me and I went home covered in yellow.
  8. Improv Teacher at a High School
    I got hired as a "drama teacher" at an alternative High School where kids who have been kicked out of the normal school go. I didn't want to teach drama so I taught improv to pregnant high school girls, 16 year old baby gangsters, and 20 year old seniors. Every 30 days I had to take a day off because I was technically on a substitute contract.
  9. Improv Coach/Teacher and Occasional Actor
    That's what I do now. Trying to make the acting part less occasional and add "working writer" to that, too. Would also be interested in getting my owl late due to some clinical error and attending Hogwarts Adult School of Witching and Wizardry.