My First Impression of Your Profile Pic...

(...When it was tiny, before I clicked it to see you. Sorry if this is weird because I don't know you.)
  1. @MikeLeffingwell : You star in a Saturday morning show for kids about building things.
  2. @tothemaxxx : Hello, 1960's Seth Rogan.
  3. @emjuko : You're cool and remind me of Bridget Fonda's character in Singles.
  4. @timothy : Pre-meth Walter White
  5. @BenSiemon : Cute Sunday school teacher.
  6. @ChrisK : Puck.
  7. @allyhord : A mermaid at a prom.
  8. @jrt : Are you an Uber driver? Are you the guy from American Beauty who watches bags?
  9. @gwcoffey : You remind me of William Fitchner (who played the blind guy in Contact.)
  10. @erinwhitehead : It's only fair I'm on here. Feel free to leave first impressions (eek)