This mainly became about mosts in my apartment.
  1. The most eaten food: toast with almond butter
  2. The most watched movie: Marley and Me or Armageddon
  3. The most listened to album: Elizabeth Town soundtrack.
  4. The most rewatched TV show: Buffy
  5. The most worn top: pale gray crew neck sweatshirt from Target
  6. The most worn bottoms: Paige skinny cropped jeans
  7. The most worn shoes: leopard print slip-on Vans
  8. The most ignored item: desk
  9. The most used item (besides iPhone 😞): arm chair
  10. The most frequent anxiety: wasting life
  11. The most common activity: reading
  12. The most embarrassing item: college journal or box of plastic speculums I ordered online because my doctor uses metal ones and I hate them.
  13. Got weird right at the end.