1. He was a chemist.
  2. He played softball for his work. They were the Biochemical Raiders.
  3. He loved chocolate.
    I do too.
  4. He hated mayonnaise.
    I do too.
  5. He didn't like his belly button to be touched.
    I don't either.
  6. He loved astronomy.
  7. When he was 11 he ordered the plans for an Atom Bomb because he was curious as to how it worked and government officials showed up at his house expecting to find an adult.
  8. When I was 4 I told him that in order to put my clothes on forwards I had to lay them on my bed and crawl into them.
    He said, "Me too."
  9. When I was 5 I told him sometimes it felt so good to pee I got tears in my eyes.
    He said, "I do, too."
  10. He rigged our screen porch in Massachusetts so that if a fly landed on it, you could push a button and electrocute it. This was in the early 80's.
  11. He took me to the aquarium, to World's End to hike, and for drives in his olive green Volvo with scrubby brown upholstered seats.
  12. He loved new inventions, discoveries and gadgets. He would have been so into the iPhone.
  13. When I was 5 I had recurring nightmares that a dead severed hand was in my bed trying to get me. I stopped sleeping. My parents sent me to a therapist. Finally my dad put all my stuffed animals in my bed under the covers so only I could fit at the top. I stopped having nightmares.
  14. Once I stepped on a rusty tack and had to get a Tetanus shot. He bought me a Curious George stuffed animal because he knew I loved him.
  15. He was soft spoken but very funny.
  16. He patented the application of magnetic imaging which is used today in hospitals for diagnostics.
  17. I remember when his doctor called to tell him there was nothing else to do. He sat in the kitchen with the strawberry wallpaper.
  18. When he was sick I wanted to show him my Strawberry Shortcake baby doll and how she breathed strawberry scented breath. I hit him in the face with her plastic head by accident. I felt awful.
  19. My sister remembers him saying, "Oh, rats."
  20. I remember faded jeans, brown corduroys, plaid shirts, asking him why he had holes in his face (pores).
  21. He gave my mom two plastic rockets to give to me and my sister that, after pulling them backward and hearing a click, zoomed forward. We opened them after he was gone. I still have mine.
  22. Once I let go of the kite string. It was late afternoon, almost sunset. He chased after it across the field and when he caught it he rolled over and over in the grass to get a hold of the string. It looked like he hit the ground so hard and that he had to run so fast (navy blue Nikes). I wished I hadn't let go.