1. When the lights begin to dim in the movies and everyone hushes and settles in.
  2. A grilled hot dog on a toasted bun with yellow mustard.
  3. The kind of storm that forces you to cancel plans and makes you just a little worried about what could happen.
  4. When a movie begins with a shot of Earth as seen from space.
  5. When an animal or baby prefers me to someone else.
  6. Walking head on into the setting sun and having to squint because LIFE IS SO BRIGHT, MAN.
  7. Clean sheets.
  8. Waking up and making coffee on the first morning of vacation.
  9. When I used to set my alarm to get up for school on the first day of summer break just so I could realize I didn't have to get up.
  10. The musical episode of Buffy.
  11. Realizing I hit the ultimate jackpot in terms of friends.
  12. The first two thirds of Marley and Me.
  13. Grey sweatshirts.
  14. Making Manhattans at home and dancing to Ani DiFranco and the Frozen soundtrack alone.
  15. Talking to cats like people.
  16. Starting a book and realizing it's going to be amazing.
  17. Puns.
  18. Older waitresses in diners who call me "hon."
  19. The sweetly optimistic but amused feeling I get when I buy healing stones or new age candles.
  20. Arnold Lobel
  21. The guy in the 1987 "I Like the Sprite in You" campaign that my mom taped onto a VHS for me while I was at school.
  22. My iPhone 4S. Apparently. I cried when I traded it in for an upgrade.
  23. Horses.