What I will miss about working at Victoria's Secret🎀

As my year of working at the mall comes to a close, here's what I will miss most of all.
  1. Pretzel day
    Every Tuesday auntie Anne's pretzels sells mall employees any flavor pretzel for only $1. We also get 10% off every day of the week. But pretzel day was my favorite. If I was feeling really adventurous I would go to both of the auntie Anne's in our mall and get two $1 pretzels for myself.
  2. The free stuff aka "gratis"
    I have not had to purchase a bra or panties since I started working there.
  3. The people
    The kindest and honestly some of the most driven people I have ever interacted with in any profession (and I worked in an accounting firm in Boston)
  4. Seriously, those people are my sisters.
    It's like a giant sorority except you're getting paid instead of paying