It's Lane's 20th Birthday, so here's 20 things I enjoy about him.
  1. He looks so cute when he's tired
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    Once it hits like, 8 o'clock, he gets this sleepy look on his face that is stinkin adorable.
  2. He doesn't care what people think
    And I know this because in high school, he had this god-awful camouflage coat that he wore in the winter and he didn't give two craps what it looked like as long as he was warm. He also just stays true to himself and that's something I admire about him.
  3. He smells good.
  4. He's such a hard worker
    He's a engineering major which is OOBER DIFFICULT. He's constantly studying, trying to get the best grades that he can. As much as I hate how busy he is, I love that he is dedicated.
  5. He twitches in his sleep
    This sounds weird, but it's sort of adorable.
  6. The way he sings in the car
    This is always quite the experience. He can transform into a heavy-metal rocker or a country crooner (my personal fave). He may not always be on pitch, but I love it.
  7. His high-pitched laugh
    Whenever he laughs like this, you know something extremely funny just happened. It is the greatest honor to receive this laugh from him after one of your jokes. You know it's real when his laugh comes out more like a giggly scream.
  8. His eyes
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    They are like miniature oceans
  9. He looks REAL GOOD in a suit
  10. His Eric Cartman impression
    It gets me every time
  11. He eats just about anything
    This is a curse and a blessing. A blessing because he usually doesn't care where we go to eat, a curse because he'll never share his true opinion on food.
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  13. He's very smart
  14. One time he ripped off the entire back of his pants
    In subway. The whole back half was just GONE. it was one of the weirdest, funniest things.
  15. He bought me a chocolate butt once
    So funny. I still haven't eaten it.
  16. He introduced me to the hilarity of the Jackass Films.
    I used to think that they were super dumb (which, they kind of are) but now I sort of appreciate them in the strangest way.
  17. He gets along with my dad
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    This is important and was actually confirmed not too long ago. After spending 10 hours in a combine together, Dad now knows more about Lane than I do probably.
  18. He sends me random emails
    It's like a getting a letter but less work
  19. This ❤️
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  20. He's my best friend.
    He's the first person I want to talk to when I wake up and the last person I want to talk to before I fall asleep. I tell him everything. He makes me laugh, he comforts me when I cry, and I never get tired of him. What more could you ask for?