1. Megan and I rocking Bulls sweatshirts circa Summer 2015 back when squad nights at Damien's were a regular thing.
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  2. This is Damien and I, eating banana (even though I specifically asked for cherry) Popsicles at CIY.
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  3. One week ago, Hali and I decided to do the makeup challenge where you sit behind the person whose makeup you're applying. Then Carol walked in on us, so naturally we attacked her face with cosmetics as well.
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  4. This is Megan's dog Max. Normally, I am not what one would call a "dog person." But, max and I are buddies and occasionally I'll let him get close to my face.
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  5. When you're painting your sisters new gem of a house, you take a swaggin pic of yourself in the bathroom mirror that is no longer in the bathroom. It's a given.
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