1. Tom Hanks
    He's is literally a gift to the cinema. Who wouldn't want to be Tom Hanks?
  2. Jimmy Fallon's best friend
    Move over JT. Just for one day, could I be the person he has a mug of? Could I be the one he lip sync battles with?!!
  3. The person who signs those HUGE checks
    Sounds appealing. Would you use a large pen....?
  4. Beyoncé
    For obvious reasons.
  5. Mindy Kaling
    She's hilarious, she's basically dating BJ Novak, and her wardrobe is the best thing I've ever seen. Sign me up. @mindy
  6. Ms. Jay from ANTM
    Just because he is a mystery to me
  7. Jamie Lee Curtis
    Clearly so I could pretend I was in a "Freaky Friday" type of situation
  8. Taylor Swift
    Not only because she's beautiful and oober creative, but she knows basically every celebrity I love. That would be fantastic.