this my first list YO check it
  1. Salad Days~ Mac Demarco
    Bluesy, rawk n roll daydreaming music. I love this album, how can you be a millennial and not relate to this album.
  2. In The Shower~ Homeshake
    An album I've just recently discovered. It's funky, groovy, sexy.
  3. Under Color Of Official Right~ Protomartyr
    Another somewhat recent discovery, protomartyr was my stepping stone into the post punk world. I've made so much art to this album, as well as The Agent Intellect.
  4. Innerspeaker~ Tame Impala
    Modern psychrock in its prime, I've listened to this album a trillion times and it never gets old. I appreciate its style as compared to their newer stuff. Space out. Lyrics are on point.
  5. The Water(s)~ Mick Jenkins
    This album is phenomenal and the memories I have to this album will never b replaced
  6. Lonesome Dreams~ Lord Huron
    I've fallen asleep to this album countless times. It's one of those albums where some of the songs run into eachother when you let it play the whole way through, and it's magical. V personal album. V relaxing.
  7. RODEO~ Travi$ Scott
    It's so lit
  8. Henge Beat~ Total Control
    A v good friend of mine introduced me to these Australians.
  9. Depression Cherry~ Beach House
    This album is v important to me, this album made me feel again and it's an all around lyrically, simplistically, beautifully composed album.
  10. Bodies and Control and Money and Power~ Priests
    I was first introduced to priests when they opened for Protomartyr in Philly. They've influenced my playing style and I covered "And Breeding" at my first show I played in Brooklyn. It ruled.
  11. Live at Radio City~ DMB
    Not sure if I've watched this dvd more... Or listened to the album more. Dave and Tim together rule.