This is important.
  1. What's the deal with platypuses?
  2. Why is poop funny?
    It seems to start around the ages 3 or 4, with a break between the ages 14-19 (when apparently nothing is funny) and then it starts being funny again until you die. (I think.)
  3. Why are many animals so cute?
    Why do I almost lose consciousness whenever I see baby animals? Especially kittens and puppies. And ducks.
  4. Can you please name the colors you have in Heaven that we don't have here on earth?
    Please refrain from using words on colors I already know with suffixes like "-ish" (purple-ish). I know you can do better than that.
  5. What was going through your head when you created the fox?
    Did you create an animal that was a mix of cat and dog on purpose?
  6. A question for Jesus:
    What was the funniest joke you heard from the time you walked around on earth?
  7. How did people figure out how to bake?