I'm done with school for the year and I live in a foreign country where I have three friends including my husband. I can't work and I'm too scared to drive (plus my husband has the car and works all day everyday). So why even bother?
  1. I really have to pee
  2. Let's try to take at least 10,000 steps a day
    It's not like I have to sit and study all day anymore
  3. My phone/ipad/mac charger is not in my bedroom
  4. I'm hungry
    But the thought of cooking a meal for one makes me want to bury myself in bed again. A vicious circle.
  5. I want to change underwear
    Which leads me to...
  6. ...it's been 8 weeks since I've changed the sheets
    (Now I'm making it seem like I'm a bed wetter)
  7. My head is starting to ache from sleeping to long or it's just a tiny migraine
    Anyway, better get up and lie on the couch and...
  8. ...Coffee. Coffee's nice.
  9. I guess I should explore NYC since it's only 20 min away by bus
    I need cash for that. Which I sometimes have.
  10. I need to watch every X-Files and every Beverly Hills 90210 episode before summer's over!
    I'm going back to Norway in August. We don't have cool shows from the 90s on our Netflix and we most certainly do not have Hulu. So I MUST see all there is before I move back. Ugh... I'd gladly sell our northern lights in exchange for some decent shows on Netflix. You might ask yourself why I just don't watch Hulu while in bed. But no, I can't because technology. I would if I could.