1. Out of Africa. Robert Redford, Meryl Strep. True story and Sydney Pollack directs. Enough said.
  2. Casablanca. Of all the gin joint in all the towns in all the world. I'd hang out at Rick's Place regardless of the Nazis.
  3. Pulp Fiction. It's the music.
  4. Cold Mountain. Do you see a theme? I can't pass up a good love story where the lovers don't end up together.
  5. Any of the Scream movies. Wes Craven is brilliant.
  6. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo who doesn't want to catch a killer of women?
  7. The Saint. Val Kilmer at his best.
  8. Bridesmaids. Proof that women can do bathroom humor just as good as men.
  9. Dodgeball & Wedding Crashers. Love me some Vince Vaughn.