Just a few facts.
  1. It's a persons home knock on their door before entering.
  2. Know Medicare doesn't pay for long term care. You get 100 days and only after a 3 day hospital stay.
  3. Managed Medicare isn't always the way to go. They dictate how long you stay in a skilled nursing facility.
  4. Nice thing about managed Medicare they don't require a three day stay at a hospital.
  5. Be wary of being on an observation stay at the hospital. Make sure you find out if you were actually admitted. I've seen where a hospital with obs a patient for a broken pelvis or heart attack so it happens.
  6. Get a supplemental insurance. AARP/Mutual of Omaha, etc. This will help pay for what is called coinsurance.
  7. Because no matter how much money you save. Almost everyone ends up on Medicaid (I mean the average joe).
  8. Buy long term care insurance if you can afford it. Not many people can. Actually haven't seen a person yet.
  9. If not get familiar with how Medicaid works.
  10. Put your house in someone you trusts name. Five years before you go into a nursing home. There's a five year look back period prior to going on Medicaid.
  11. Know the difference between skilled nursing, assisted living and personal care. They are all different levels of care.
  12. Have the talk with family members about what there wishes as far as wanting CPR or if they are a DNR (Do not resuscitate). Nothing is worse they have a 92 yr old come in and family members have no clue what he or she would have wanted.
  13. When you have that talk get it in writing
  14. Designate someone either as Power of Attorney or as a Healthcare Agent
  15. Get to know the people at your local Office of Aging. They are a great resource!