Inspired by @DG
  1. Ohio
    My parents really thought my younger brother and I would love the outdoor drama Tecumseh... until a man was cut open and scalped in the opening scene only a few feet from our front row seats. My 5 year-old brother was carried from the theater screaming, and I spent the rest of the performance alternately pretending to be a big girl who enjoyed the historical drama and asking to use the bathroom when I got too scared.
  2. New York
    We went to the New York City Police Museum. We lined my grandmother up for a booking photo op, and her front and profile photo ended up looking a little bit too legitimate for our comfort. Who would have thought my sweet little grandma would make such a convincing criminal?
  3. New Jersey
    Eh, all I remember about New Jersey was being excited to go to New York City. (Take that Jersey!)
  4. Delaware
    My brother and I were just bitty little things when we went to the beach for the first time. My mother strapped us into embarrassingly bright orange life vests because she was so worried we would get carried out to sea by a rip tide. In the end, she was needlessly worried. My bother stood near the edge of the water and would run away jumping and yelling, "Yikes! Yikes!" every time a wave broke on the shore.
  5. Georgia
    During college, my friends and I attended a Flux public art night. One of the galleries had a claw-foot tub. After staring at it for quite a while trying decide if it was an instillation or not, we opted to make it an "interactive" experience. Three of us jumped in the tub and admired the gallery from a new perspective for a while.
  6. Florida
    I watched an unresponsive girl being pulled out of the pool at our Disney resort. I remember asking after her later that day at the main desk. Everything must of turned out alright. Even though I was old enough to know anyone could die at anytime, that was the moment I actually realized children could die.
  7. North Carolina
    I rode for hours in the church van with kids from my youth group on our way back from visiting a bible college campus. To pass the time, we brought multiple copies of The Crucible. Everyone took a part, and we almost read straight through the play in one sitting!
  8. Tennessee
    Stupid tourist at the picnic site were actually following two baby black bears with food, trying to get a picture. We called a ranger and hightailed it out of there. We didn't want to be around when Mama Bear returned!
  9. Colorado
    We went to Estes Park in June, and the snow drifts were still piled ten feet high on the peaks. I got a kick out of splashing a little bit of my water bottle on either side of the continental divide.
  10. Michigan
    We went to the Ford factory for vacation (yup, you read it right). My grandfather came with us, and we had to push him around in a wheelchair because he'd just had his first heart attack. I was bored and grumbly, but my grandfather was completely in his element. He loved every moment.
  11. Illinois
    I was crossing the street with my mother in Chicago when the light changed. Many people were still in the crosswalk, and an impatient driver laid on his horn. I jumped sky high. People around us started laughing. I was clearly not a city slicker.
  12. Maryland
    I rocked the "Record your own Whale Sounds" exhibit at the Baltimore Aquarium. Apparently I do a convincing humpback impression.
  13. Washington D.C.
    We went to D.C. for about 8 hours on a school trip. I set off an alarm at one of the museums pointing at an artifact. Other than that, I just remember it was very rainy.
  14. West Virginia
    We stayed in a cabin along the banks of Summersville Lake. On night, I went down to the lake for a night swim. I floated on my back stargazing until my fingers pruned. Beautiful.