*This list is in no way saying that I'm upset because I don't "get enough presents." I'm simply preparing myself for the month of December and the Christmas themed birthday stuff 😑🎄 Yes, these are all legitimate quotes my friends have told me.
  1. The lovely "Oh I picked out something for both holidays" gift
    I'm not materialistic at all, but I do appreciate the thought of a gift for each holiday. It can be coupon book of "use this for a free hug" and I will be perfectly content! When someone goes "Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas, oh btw this covers both holidays," it's a little frustrating.
  2. "I have a great idea! How about a Christmas themed birthday party!"
    1. No 2. This is no different than throwing a Valentines Day themed birthday party for your single friend who was born on February 13
  3. "Do you have to celebrate this weekend? It's too close to Christmas."
    Do you see me questioning the date you were born? Let's face it, if my birthday were August 17, for example, this would not be an issue. I don't know about you guys, but I'd like to celebrate my birthday around the date I was born like the rest of you 👋🏻
  4. "Why don't you celebrate your half birthday instead?"
    Sure! Let's wait until June 20 to celebrate my 23 AND A HALF years of life!
  5. *receiving a Christmas card*
    Ok, I do have some friends that are in on the joke, but there's nothing more annoying than receiving a Christmas card because "Eh, the dates are close enough, right?" Nope. Not really.
  6. CHRISTMAS DAY - "You just had a birthday."
    Yes, I'm aware my birthday was 5 days ago. Thank you for checking the calendar.
  7. VALID EXCUSE - "My family is in town."
    I would never ask anyone to leave their family because I somehow survived another year. Tradition is tradition 😊🎄