This is super unorganized and rambly but that's fitting, right?
  1. I can literally sit in front of my computer at work with a list of things to do and
  2. Like I physically can't.
  3. No matter how many times I tell myself, "you're really gonna regret this," I just keep sitting there either staring at my door and the people passing my office or clicking from Twitter to my email to Facebook back to email then to Buzzfeed and on and on and on.
  4. Thank god I've figured out that putting in headphones and listening to music helps me focus tremendously.
  5. But it's got to be the right playlist. I am extremely sensitive to music.
  6. Some days I end up staying until 7pm because i am not able to start being productive until like 1pm.
  7. If I don't write down every single thing I need to do, I'm toast. It ain't gettin done. This goes for work stuff and regular personal stuff.
  8. And even if I write down stuff, I can look at a list every single day, fully aware of something's importance, and just not do it. Whether it's returning something I bought offline at 2 am to the post office on time so I don't end up paying for shipping or getting my eyebrows done or doing laundry.
  9. Oftentimes, I wait until the very last possible minute, or like when there's no more room in my closet for laundry or my eyebrows are fully connected, and then finally force myself to get things done because consequences are se—vere.
  10. Fuck I already forgot what I wanted to add next
  11. Okay thank god I remembered
  12. Peoples emails are waaaaay too long for me. I can't deal with all the bullshit. Just straight up say what you want/need. Don't beat around the bush with all your jibber jabber and words that, sometimes/in certain co-worker's cases, don't make sense.
  13. Also, maybe this is just because I'm not too chatty with most people, but people talk WAY too much. I literally lose interest in things people are saying halfway through because they can't get to the fucking point.
  14. Going back to forgetting what you wanted to say/do/etc. that is the most frustrating feeling in the world. I literally want to throw my phone or myself against the wall when this happens.