LA Open Mics Good for Ladies Just Starting Out

I don't go to many open mics anymore, so I don't know good ones to recommend specifically. Sorry! But check for a comprehensive list, and here are my general answers/thoughts....
  1. All of them
    You don't get to select the audience you perform for. So you should get used to standing up for and advocating for yourself as soon as possible. Make any stage YOUR stage and don't let anyone shake you.
  2. The one you start yourself
    Make the open mic you want to see in the world.
  3. The ones where you make friends
    The people you meet at open mics will be your tribe. Make friends at a mic and you'll make a home there too.
  4. Go do it!
    You might (will) feel creeped on or harassed at an open mic at some point. But you will also feel that at a comedy club some day - and the grocery store, the park, Starbucks, everywhere. Creeps are out there! Don't let them stop you!
  5. Keep going
    Actually, being a woman in comedy will open doors for you - often before you're really ready for them to be open. Be patient and work hard at improving your act and voice so that when people start paying attention to you you have something great to show them.