Everybody wants to talk about comic books - big deal. Comic strips are the real deal nerd cool. Honestly, when people ask for my "comedy influences" I list Sunday funnies.
  1. Bloom County
    This is my number one jam for life. If you're into Reagan jokes and talking animals (and what kind of maniac isn't?) get into Berkley Breathed's masterpiece - his Opus. (Oh shit, you guys, that was good.)
  2. The Far Side
    What you know 'bout them cows in curlers and worms in spectacles????? I am shocked this strip hasn't stood the test of time in terms of popularity, but that has to be more about the overall reputations of the 'strips, not Gary Larsen's genius. Comic strips are funny! Especially this one!
  3. Garfield
    Oh shit THIS DUDE. Garfield is the Madonna of comic strips - the later stuff is so bad it's confusing, but the early stuff was so great it'll never be surpassed. Mondays! Lasagna! POOKY! Solid gold.
  4. Calvin and Hobbes
    You laughed, you cried, you loved Calvin and Hobbes. That's what you came to this list for. You saw "comic strips" and were like "CALVIN AND HOBBES OMG THAT IS MY IDENTITEEEEEE!!!" But shit, I can't argue. Calvin and Hobbes IS the hotness.
  5. Bizarro
    This one isn't as well known as the others, but if you're not familiar with Dan Piraro's "Bizarro" single panel comic - get into it. Is super weird and absurd - very smart, and pretty. BIG FAN.
  6. Mother Goose and Grimm
    A sassy dog, mute cat, and old lady goose? What's not to love!? I mean it pretty much writes itself. This strip is a gem - truly outrageous!