I'm eskinnz over there. Great branding, I know.
  1. This is dumb
  2. I don't get it
  3. Oh, I got a little video from my friend
  4. Cute
  5. Ooh, there are stickers and stuff
  6. What are these emoji about? OH HELL YEAH I GOT FRIEND RANKINGS?
  7. Oh, I never noticed this part - what are these, channels? Nah, too impersonal
  8. Ok the food network thinks I'm gonna sit around and watch snapchats about cookies? Hell nah
  9. Yeah right - if your "mind is blown" by a "cupcake sandwich" you were an idiot to begin with.
  10. WHEN IS FOOD NETWORK UPDATING THEIR SNAPCHAT??? I cannot live on a tastemade channel alone.
  11. I love this
  12. If my friends don't have snapchat, they are no longer in my life.
  13. I live inside snapchat, lawnmowerman-style