Seinfeld is on Hulu and I've been plowing through the seasons. It's different than I remembered. So far I'm at season 4.
  1. The Elaine situation
    They bring up the fact that Jerry and Elaine dated WAY more often that I remembered. I always thought it was cool that they were platonic friends and their past was no big whoop, but it turns out everyone was constantly mentioning it.
  2. Snacks
    Jerry pointlessly scatters snacks around his apartment for visual interest. Like, he'll be talking to Kramer and dump a bag of potato chips into a bowl and leave it on the table for... No one. People don't do that, right??? I assume it was an attempt to make a robotic man seem more human.
  3. Ages
    All the characters LOOK much younger than I remembered, but ARE way older than I thought. Like when I was a kid, I saw Jerry as being a withered middle aged man, and I'd have guessed he was 30. Now he looks like a baby face and in the first season he says he's 36. Mostly I guess this means I was an idiot and time exists, but still.
  4. Girlfriends
    Good lord there were a lot of girlfriends. Playing Jerry Seinfeld's girlfriend must have been for an LA actress what playing a Law&Order witness was for an NYC actress. Except probably much better residuals.
  5. Kramer
    Not all that kooky after all.
  6. Elaine's Clothes
    Even when they are doing something dumb or lazy, Elaine's looks are ON POINT. I love that the costume designer must have been like "I know, they are supposed to be stranded in the woods...but let's give Elaine a fun brooch, a pop of color and perfectly cuffed sleeves. I can't let her look bad!!!"
  7. White people
    Come on now, NBC. I know it's a fake NYC street, but your couldn't rustle up a COUPLE non-white actors/extras? Oh wait, I guess they did -- they just make them all real wacky and foreign and ugh maybe you guys should have just stuck to all white people after all.
  8. Industry talk
    Turns out Seinfeld was multi-cam sitcom Louie, and not just the stand-up interstitials. There is tons of talk about the life of a stand-up, which is not at all what the show was known for. It's a show about nothing, right? Nope - very much a show about a club comic. Also, the story arc about selling a show to NBC now feels familiar enough to trigger some light PTSD.
  9. Kramer applause
    They started cheering for Kramers entrances a little in season 4, but mostly season 5.