1. Can I tell you a secret? San Andreas was mostly CGI. Oh, you knew that? Ok how about this - I smell like cedar but I taste like honey.
  2. John Cena and I found an injured baby fawn, can your hold our shirts while we lift it out of my pick-up truck?
  3. I do all my stunts, except kissing. My kisses are too dangerous.
  4. Can you hold this giant bag of money for me? I need to find someone hilarious and largely unknown to buy a movie from.
  5. Ugh, sometimes I get so tired of shooting action movies every day – I really just want to read young-adult sci-fi novels, listen to hip hop, and bone.
  6. One time I got so drunk I totally made out with Robert Downey Jr. Just kidding, I wasn’t drunk.
  7. Holy shit - are you Eliza Skinner?? I saw you freestyle rap at a comedy show and I was in - pardon my French - boner city.
  8. What's up, I'm Dwayne The Rock Johnson.