1. At the bar, after you have gotten your drink.
    Don't lean on the bar, taking up space. People are waiting to order! GTFO!!!
  2. The top of the conveyor belt after your bags go through airport security.
    Don't stand there. DO NOT put your fucking shoes on there. Slide slide slide down to the end. Better get, gather your shit up and go put it together at the benches. Either way, GTFO!!!
  3. By the cubbies after an exercise class
    I swear to god, when you stand in front of those cubbies, taking your things out one by one, putting your shoes on right there -- where traffic COULD NOT BE HIGHER -- wondering why all these other people are crowding you, I want to poke your eyes out of your head. There are always chairs for you to move to to put your shoes and jackets on! SO TAKE YOUR SHIT OUT OF THE CUBBY AND GTFO.
  4. The middle of the intersection
    If you can't clear it, don't enter it. Even if it's not written on the street! GTFO.