I lost my voice yesterday in the most complete way I have ever lost it. Like, no scratchy bad voice - just NO VOICE. Anyway, this was my day.
  1. People are very kind
    When I needed the taco truck lady to read my order off of my phone, she was very sweet and worried about me. She also only spoke Spanish back to me. We bridged the language gap by neither of us being able to speak English. She gave me extra chips.
  2. People have no patience
    The people at my gym either didn't believe me or didn't give a FUCK. They also seemed to think I could see them either because they were rolling their eyes so hard I'm surprised they didn't pop out of their heads and spin away. Same thing at the bakery.
  3. People confuse "can't talk" with "can't hear"
    The check out woman at Rite Aid understood when I indicated that I couldn't talk. Then she immediately went to "also this person is very stupid and deaf" because she slowly yelled the rest of our interaction. Also rolled her eyes a lot.
  4. People like to fill the air
    I went to the movies with my friend Jake who was great about it and tried not to ask me too many questions demanding a verbal answer. BUT he made up for it by narrating what he was doing ("ok, turning here, that's a weird bird, grabbing the ticket...") in an absentminded way I don't even think he was aware of, until he reads this. Hi, @weismanjake!
  5. People adapt
    After about 15 minutes, Jake and I were very used to me passing him my phone to read my responses. Maybe we'll just always do that now.
  6. People expect you to talk all the time.
    It's funny how we don't question that someone should be able to speak. I mean, I certainly don't - what a weird thing to be mute. The spin instructor got really aggro about everyone yelling back at her. If I was more worried about this, I might have cried. If my voice doesn't come back tomorrow, I won't go to a spin class, bc that shit will definitely make me cry by then.
  7. Socializing is dependent on talking.
    As nice as Jake was, it was frustrating to not be able to talk to my friend. I was supposed to go to an event with another friend tonight, and even though I'm not really sick otherwise, I cancelled. It would have just been me pointing at my throat and shrugging all night anyway.