I am a comedian/writer/actor, and I get asked to recommend people for jobs a lot. I LOVE it. But I can't recommend people that will end up making ME look bad. I will hear about it. (And I have 😒). These are some qualities shared by the people I push for gigs.
  1. You create your own work
    People who enthusiastically create their own work know how to get shit done. If you can pull a video together for free, you can definitely turn in a script for money.
  2. You are fun to be around
    Sorry grumps, and jerks - I'm not going to send you to an employer as a delegate for team me. When you work with someone you have to spend a lot of time with them, so be someone people want to be around.
  3. You are polite.
    The fun ends when you're rude or need to make every room about you. And sometimes employers are weirdos - they don't need you to tell them that though.
  4. You treat business like a business.
    I recommend amateur comics for jobs when I have seen them treat their dayjob with respect. If you blow off your tutoring job all the time, why would I assume you won't blow off the gig I recommend you for?
  5. You are even better at it than me.
    If I can't do a job, I want to recommend someone who is going to be amazing at it. Because employers don't think "oh good, this person is great! Fuck Eliza!" They think "MY GOD ELIZA IS A GENIUS FOR SENDING ME THIS PERSON." If you only recommend second-best people thinking it will make you look good, you're a fool and a goblin.
  6. You want this type of job.
    Tell people what kind of work you want. They will remember.
  7. You are a woman.
    I search my mental database for women (especially WOC) first. I don't think I have ever recommended a list of people without any women on it. Because there are ALWAYS guys available - and because a lot of the people hiring already know tons of guys. And frankly, if they are asking me, they are probably looking for female voices specifically. Le sigh. Whatever, being a friend to women starts with getting more of them paid and building their careers.
  8. You are a person of color.
    Same as the last one.
  9. I think you can do it, and SO DO YOU.
    I know a lot of people who I think are hilarious and talented. But quite a few of them don't seem to think of themselves as competent. If you are so attached to the narrative of yourself as "hopeless loser", I'm going to go ahead and trust your judgement. Fake it til you make it helps A LOT here. So does creating your own work.
  10. I find you inspiring and want other people to see what you can do.
    I think people think this should be the first (or only) thing on this list. Is it not AT ALL. But it is on the list.
  11. I want you to make enough money to go on vacation with me.