The text says, "Come to Archie's"
  1. Who is Archie?
  2. Is Archie a person or a place?
  3. Should I come now or is there a more appropriate arrival time?
  4. Who is there?
  5. What should I wear?
  6. What is everyone else wearing?
  7. Is there anyone there I don't like?
  8. Is there anyone there who doesn't like me?
  9. Am I really invited or are you just drunk?
  10. Is everyone drunk?
  11. Is everyone planning on getting drunk?
  12. Should I get drunk right now and then show up?
  13. Are we celebrating something?
  14. How did you get to Archie's?
  15. How did everyone else get there?
  16. How are we all planning on getting home?
  17. How long are we planning on staying?
  18. How guilty are you going to make me feel if I don't show up?
  19. Should I just tell them I'm sick?
  20. Is there anything new on Netflix?
  21. Hulu?
  22. HBOGo?
  23. What if I show up and you've already left?
  24. Will you tell me if you leave?
  25. If you don't respond to my texts in a timely fashion I cannot be expected to go.
  26. I'm not going.
  27. Archie's is fucking boring anyway.