I like the others!
  1. Gaston
    He's a dick
  2. Grumpy
    He's grumpy
  3. Hercules
    He's boring
  4. Mary Poppins
    She's controlling
  5. The Genie
    He's gotta calm down
  6. Cinderella's Stepmother
    She's a dick
  7. Cruella deVille
    She's a terrible businesswoman
  8. Eeyore
    He hits too close to home
  9. Hannah Montana
    She's insufferable
  10. Olaf
    He's tragic
  11. Ariel
    She can't even talk
  12. Peter Pan
    He's creepy and sad and he's also a kid all the time and I don't love talking to kids they're pretty boring and narrow minded
  13. Mulan
    She seems like a good person but I just don't think we'd have many common interests
  14. Mickey
    He's pitiful