these are some sweet new slogan ideas for that jurassic world theme park from that film jurassic world
  1. jurassic world where we're only good at our jobs to a point
  2. jurassic world where a woman can run around a forest while being chased by dinosaur and her shirt still looks cleaner than mine does when I get home from sitting at a desk all day
  3. jurassic world where the national government is like "eh they've got it"
  4. jurassic world where the head of a major company doesn't feel like knowing anything about his custom dinosaur until it's pretty much done
  5. jurassic world where dinosaurs are alive but feminism is extinct
  6. jurassic world where everybody's boring especially the kids
  7. jurassic world where they know their audience wants more blood and gore and yeah they're gonna give it to them but they're also gonna make them feel like shit about wanting it in the first place
  8. jurassic world where you probably won't actually, like, LEARN anything, but