I have a weak stomach and I also make poor decisions. You do the math.
  1. Bathrooms
    Mine, others, bars, restaurants...do bathrooms even count? Like, if you make it to the bathroom to puke, you nailed puking. You succeeded.
  2. Driveways
    Once due to drinking, once due to motion sickness, both in front of other people.
  3. Busses
    Again, once from motion sickness, once from drinking. Motion sickness made it out the window but drinking just went all over the floor of the bus. (The bus driver said "If any of you puke out the window I'll drop you off on the side of the highway" so I improvised.)
  4. Sidewalks
    Mostly in college but also once in middle school after inhaling a Charleston Chew too fast on the walk home.
  5. Alleys
    Another form of succeeding, I think. Private, already dirty, seems like a good spot to me.