Her name is Gertie and she's the worst
  1. Boundaries? What
  2. Do u guys ever eat off this coffee table
  3. What r u doing
  4. Come inside? What? Cant hear u from here
  5. What's the movie
  6. I have some good ideas listen up
  7. Where r u gonna sleep I got dibs on this one
  8. Corner pocket hahah I don't know how to play billiards tho
  9. hi look down here I don't want to bother getting up but I should be a part of things I think
  10. This is where I've chosen to sit and it makes sense to everyone
  11. Look though look right at me
  12. Am I fooling u lol I'm not this ladylike
  13. Dammit you're still not listening to me
  14. yeah this is the only way I'll spoon
  15. I heart pino grig
  16. My human friend Ellie would never make fun of me right? She loves me too much, obviously. She's not that cruel.
  17. Hey hey hey I do have another question tho