1. 23
    First full year of being a working adult. Still undecided how I feel about it. Also, went to Iceland and auditioned for Jeopardy (two separate events)
  2. 21
    First time setting foot in Vegas (accompanied by my grandparents), studied abroad at Oxford, drank at the pub where Bill Clinton "didn't inhale"
  3. 19
    Realized I f-ing LOVED UVa/college, went on a family vacay to England and Scotland, became a full fledged Anglophile
  4. 20
    Spent entire year wishing I was 21, twin sibs were born 👫❤️
  5. 17
    Got drunk on New Year's Eve, crushed the SAT, had first boyfriend
  6. 18
    Realized aforementioned boyfriend sucked, started college at UVa, couldn't decide if I liked it
  7. 0
    Born on Christmas Eve, Nana forced the hospital Santa to come to my hospital room even though we're Jews.
  8. 22
    Graduated college, entered real world, regretted this decision
  9. 10
    Won the school spelling bee, my brother was born, got my first bra
  10. 9
    Mom gets remarried and made me believe I was her maid of honor, went to sleepaway camp in Maine for the first time, got sick from eating too many pickles at once, became school treasurer
  11. 15
    Made friends in Virginia, loitered at the local mall and movie theater
  12. 14
    Moved from Florida to Virginia, started high school, was awkward
  13. 1
    Learned to talk, walk, etc.
  14. 2
    Learned how to read--people think I'm lying but it's TRUE
  15. 16
    Got my driver's license, didn't get a parking pass at school, still had to take the bus.
  16. 4
    Became a big sister when Ben was born, only drew rainbows in my preschool daily drawing journal, got a rabbit
  17. 11
    Began middle school, got braces, wore hideous clothes
  18. 12
    Abhorred middle school, had my Bat Mitzvah
  19. 5
    Got my ears pierced as a reward for losing my first tooth, which in retrospect makes no sense
  20. 8
    Had a terrible teacher and got the chicken pox. But I met the Backstreet Boys which was cool
  21. 6
    Quit gymnastics
  22. 3
    Pretty uneventful
  23. 7
    My parents got divorced and I developed an unexplained rash on my legs
  24. 13
    Middle school you are the worst. I blocked the memories of this year apparently.