*the ones I can think of, at least.
  1. Spice Girls
    Unfort I was too young to appreciate the GLORY
  2. Britney Spears
    Ditto ^ and also our seats were basically in another zip code
  3. Backstreet Boys
    Ya that's me and Howie, we rode in a limo together to the concert NBD jk HUGE DEAL he asked if I was Latina
  4. NSYNC
    My stepdad took me to this one in box seats and looking back I think he was trying to buy my love (it worked)
  5. Elliott Yamin
    Lol he was Richmond's hometown hero for about a half a second in 2006
  6. American Idol Season 6 Tour
    Back in the day when AI was the reason I LIVED. Also got to go backstage but didn't get to meet any of the cool ones
  7. Jack Johnson
    Typical high school summer outdoor concert
  8. Dave Matthews Band
    Been twice, only remember once. Whoops
  9. Pretty Lights
    Not a good night for me tbh
  10. Carbon Leaf
    Pretty unmemorable
  11. Phish
    NOT my scene
    F-ing amazing you guys. So good. So fun. So magical. (1989 tour obvi)
  13. ~~~~2016 concerts~~~~
  14. Billy Joel
  15. Adele!!!!!!