In order
  1. Naan with hummus and avocado curry dip
  2. Baby carrot salad
  3. Cauliflower steam buns
  4. Pea shoot dumplings and maitake mushrooms
  5. Crispy flounder sandwich with kale and apple slaw
  6. French fries
  7. Shitty sushi from a karaoke bar
  8. Pizza
  9. Avocado toast with salmon
  10. Lobster Mac and cheese
  11. Crab cake eggs benedict
  12. Chilled asparagus salad
  13. Quinoa tagliatelle
  14. Mashed potatoes
  15. Dark chocolate platter
  16. A bag of salt and vinegar chips
  17. Some of my friend's sour cream and onion chips
  18. Whole wheat bagel with tofu veggie "cream cheese", lox, lettuce, cucumber, and tomato