1. George Pataki
    Lol who
  2. John Kasich
    Not as big of a wackjob as the rest of 'em? TBH this should be his slogan
  3. Jeb Bush
    He seems too wimpy to actually do anything harmful
  4. Rand Paul
    Too disliked by his own party to get anything accomplished
  5. Chris Christie
    He's semi entertaining but he may be the least presidential presidential candidate ever
  6. Carly Fiorina
    Drove an entire company into the ground, delusional, truly believes the Planned Parenthood videos showed people physically cutting off live babies' limbs, etc.
  7. Marco Rubio
    Drinks too much water to be a normal human
  8. Mike Huckabee
    Has apparently never heard of the concept of freedom of religion
  9. Ben Carson
    Has the aura of a serial killer (I assume)
  10. Rick Santorum
    Thinks that gay marriage is a leading cause of gun violence......so......there's that
  11. Donald Trump
    Yooooo this shit is no joke, dude is scary AF
  12. Ted Cruz
    Hear me out. Ted Cruz is a straight up sociopath. He truly believes the insane shit he says, whereas I believe that Trump, at least somewhat, is saying crazy things because he continues to rise in the polls.