Live-listing until I can't handle it anymore
  1. The entire audience is white
  2. Ted Cruz is THE WORST
  3. These people are legit obsessed with Hillary
  4. Marco Rubio got a faulty spray tan
  5. Jeb Bush: "1 out of 10 people can't get a job, that's not an A" but it's 90% so ya it is?????
  6. Carly's hair doesn't move when she talks
  7. Thank god there's already a commercial
  8. Dear Ben Carson please never laugh in public again
  9. I can't even deal with Carson's claim that Obama wasn't vetted. Homeboy is STILL BEING VETTED 7 YEARS IN
  10. Carson: "We have to start treating people the same" except gays, women, poor people, immigrants, etc.
  11. 30 minutes in to the 4th debate and Trump still hasn't put forth 1 single solitary concrete idea
  12. This entire debate is the candidates crying over the "unfair" rules that their own campaigns LITERALLY DEMANDED
  13. Jeb! Bush reminds me of a little child at an adult dinner party trying to tell a story but no one's listening
  14. Ted Cruz's facial expressions make me want to claw my eyes out
  15. Taking business advice from Carly is like taking investment advice from Bernie Madoff
  16. Really????? A Benghazi movie commercial????? Really???
  17. FYI TEDDY abolishing the IRS gets rid of 90,000 jobs
  18. What time does this shit end
  19. Lol poor Jeb!, forgot you were there
  20. Rand is like "you're not even a REAL conservative" as if that's a bad thing
  21. That's all folks -- going to watch the @mindy project because TBH that's what I should've been doing hours ago.