**not** a comprehensive list, also is it clear that I'm still in the anger stage of grief or nah
  1. James Comey
    Oh you didn't think your vague ass letter would disrupt the election in 11 fucking days????? According to my intel he now feels "bad" lol ok cry me a river you douche
  2. Anthony Weiner
    *gets caught sexting* *disappears just long enough for people to forget about his weird connection to HRC* *decides hey why don't I sext minors this time?!*
  3. Bernie Sanders
    Maybe if you shut the fuck up about HRC's speeches to banks, we wouldn't now be stuck with all of fucking Goldman Sachs serving in our federal economic institutions but alas ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Ted Cruz
    Because honestly this guy is just blameworthy for literally everything
  5. Kellyanne Conway
    This motherfucker is apparently physically incapable of speaking one word of truth and no one seemed to notice and/or care???
  6. Fox News
    Fair and balanced MY ASS
  7. Paul Ryan
    Looked up "coward" in the dictionary and saw his bitch ass face
  8. Donald Trump
    This pussy grabbing demagogic mother fucker shouldn't have gotten CLOSE to even THINKING about running for the most powerful office on the planet also how did he get away with not releasing his tax returns