Not a comprehensive list
  1. When it's 30 degrees in the morning and 70 in the afternoon
    WTF am I supposed to wear to work?
  2. Unsolicited lengthy visits from extended family
  3. Subway lurkers
    Scenario: On crowded train. Person sits next to me. Fine. Crowd thins throughout journey. Person next to me doesn't move to one of 20+ empty seats.
  5. When my mom suggests I'm too easily annoyed
  6. Unexplained ailments
  7. Buzzfeed articles titled "Why You Should Never Visit [insert beautiful city/country]" and then only includes beautiful photos in a failed attempt at sarcasm. Just take out the "never"!!!!!
  8. On Jeopardy! when people forget the category when they're answering the question (questioning the answer?)
  9. Also on Jeopardy! when Alex Trebek says "genre" in one syllable. I get that he's trying to be authentic but can u not
  10. Everyone getting engaged
  11. The Facebook iPhone app
  12. When you listen to One Direction all day long and then you can't get their songs out of your head
  13. Accidentally reading the comments on Politico