This week Racer X posted an article on who the next star of motocross could be, while Team Green's McGrath said we need better nicknames for our riders in a Transworld MX video. So, how to brand Kawasaki's next champion?
  1. ET3
    Seems to be the norm lately that riders nicknames are simply their initials. But, as Jeremy "Showtime" McGrath said, you need something flashy.
  2. The Intimidator
    Weege described Tomac's stare in his article. Eli is a pretty upbeat friendly person in the pits, but his race face is fierce, much like the late, great Intimidator Dale Earnhardt Sr. Paired with Tomac running #3. This is suiting.
  3. Stone Cold
    With Stone Cold Steve Austin being an ambassador for Kawasaki side x sides, Tomac could borrow his handle for the 2-wheel crowd
  4. The Colorado Rattlesnake
    Ready to strike at any time. With his ties to his dad's mountain bike legend, rattlesnakes are common with cyclists.
  5. #WhosNext?
    Last year Feld asked Who's Next? This year I think we'll have an answer.