1. Couples posing for engagement pictures
  2. Fit-and-flare dresses
  3. When I get impatient when the elevator stops too many times
  4. The NFL
  5. Perfume and cologne
  6. Painted fingernails
  7. Starbucks
  8. Keycards
  9. Snakes and crocodiles
  10. When there are 21 people on the altar to celebrate Easter Mass and not a goddamn one of them is a woman
    Not even the person reading the readings.
  11. Typing on iPhones
  12. Victoria's Secret
    Also on the list of things that are sexist
  13. Linens n Things
    The name of the store and the store
  14. Airplanes
  15. Static
  16. Mercedes Benzes
  17. Taylor Swift
  18. Static
  19. Tshirts from fashion retailers with words on them
    Also room art with words and museum art with words
  20. Static
    Smells gross. All of it.
  21. Trump
    And his sons and Jared and Ivanka and Scaramucci and Sessions and Bannon and Preibus and Conway and and and.....Melania might be okay though. Not sure yet.
  22. "Whatnot"