Continually updated.
  1. Kushka
    I read it was Russian for "cat." Adorable. And you could talk to him/her in a funny accent.
  2. Purr-cules Mulligan
  3. Joe Biden
  4. Emily Sunshine
    My current fluffy roommate/bff
  5. Sweetdaddy Jupiter Velvet
    Named for a character in Shaenon Garrity's "Skin Horse"
  6. Rogers
    For a marmalade, after Ginger, obvs
  7. Higgs Boson
  8. Susan Cooper
    Melissa McCarthy's character in "Spy"
  9. Ronja and Birk
    The Robber's Daughter and her brother
  10. Mabel, Dipper, Soos, Old Man McGuckett, and Grunkle Stan
    All Gravity Falls all the time
  11. Toretto and Hobbs