1970's and 80's
  1. Climbed trees
  2. Swam in the neighborhood pool
    When I wasn't scraping the skin off my knees falling off my bike in the parking lot
  3. Dared each other to explore the storm drain in the park
    Then learned to avoid the park when it became the place for drug deals
  4. Stargazing
    Menchville High football field.
  5. Got into fights at the bus stop
    Just the twice. Not counting the time the bus driver pulled over so we could all watch the bully get his butt handed to him (not by me, sadly).
  6. Learned to cuss in the after school program
    Yes, I remember the first swear words I ever said. They included several anatomical impossibilities.
  7. Caught fireflies
  8. Lost stormtrooper action figures in the snow fort we built that one winter it snowed
  9. Rode bikes everywhere
  10. Went for long walks around the neighborhood
  11. Played truth or dare
  12. Saturday morning cartoons