Following the trend because sometimes you're alone at night and there's nothing else. I'm a huge loser 😗
  1. Listen to the same song on repeat for like a long long time and dance in the mirror
    Can be a fun classic (Sinatra, Elvis) or a pop song that reminds you of when you first wanted a sexy body (Britney, Christina) only requirement is it be EMOTIONAL!
  2. Have a perfect day of eating (even though no such thing exists)
    Whether it's the right smoothie for breakfast, the perfect chopped salad or pureed soup for lunch, lean protein for dinner, whatever works for you and your reset needs
  3. Connect with family and let loose
    FaceTime your mom and dad and don't use any words just make noises til they threaten to hang up.
  4. Go to Target
    There's at least SOMETHING you need or could use to feel more organized
    Start on page one of a new note book !! You can do or be or say anything! It's like when a new month starts on a Monday. Anything can happen.
  6. Buy a new make up item
    New lip shade, new personality. I'm currently living my life as a deep berry red.