for @sophia and all of us too tho
  1. Coffee casually
    1-2x a week bc you're not dependent anymore. Maybe sometimes weeks with out it and you didn't even notice!
  2. Jon & Vinny's for lunch
    too annoying to plan dinner in advanced so you go at lunch with a friend who's thin and chill and you split two things only.
  3. Not giving a fudge about traffic
    If you're craving something make it happen even if it's rush hour on a Friday and you don't have an assistant or a slave-level side piece
  4. 5pm meet ups
    Meet friends the very minute the American work day ends for an early dinner/snack/"drinks" hang
  5. Eating everything
    Keep your diet restrictions private, if any. Sub "I'm not hungry" for "I'm not eating dairy."
  6. Pizza by the slice
    You need something convenient and nostalgic to replace Chipotle this year.
  7. Cereal
    Always having a fav cereal option on hand at home because seriously starving and waiting for delivery late at night is sooo 2k15