1. clear skin
  2. really good smelling exfoliating body wash with micro beads that aren't bad for the environment but are still super smooth
  3. eyebrows to be 20% bushier
  4. tankless water heater or hot tub
  5. to know what I'd look like with bangs without having to get them
  6. to meet a new cute girl in a coffee shop and instantly become codependent and make our boyfriends jealous
  7. to know Alexandra Daddario's skincare regimen and for it to be like 3 steps max and oddly affordable
  8. instantly know how to use the nespresso machine that's been in the trunk of my car since two christmas' ago and for it to taste good and be a fit
  9. nude matte gel manicure! this is a big one.
  10. find a pair of nikes theas in dessert color size 5 online in Japan somewhere
  11. fall in love with a dream shampoo
  12. anything in rose gold/maybe a new piercing somewhere or just the pink iPhone
  13. enable indefinite location sharing immediately with the new friend from the coffee shop