1. It's difficult to walk by your elementary school and not cry. Life was better then for all of us how are we all not crying
  2. same with your friends' houses. I had so much fun at Christina's house how can I act like it's okay that I can't still just walk in and do whatever I want cuz her grandma is always asleep. My original Comedy Store.
  3. Julian's house- I wonder if he's making bombs somewhere in Japan like he always said he would. We used to flush ritalin down the toilet together.
  4. The pool. Memories of older girls looking at me in my swimsuit and saying "I didn't know she was fat!"
  5. But also where literally the Tom Hardy of my junior high confessed his love to me and it was like woah. Hot guys have hot sisters and they want to be with someone who doesn't remind them of their blonde skinny sister! 👋🏼
  6. I wasn't fat! I didn't get fat til college so those bitches were just haters.
  7. Playground where I choreographed Spice Girls routines at recess.
  8. FRIDAY GANG! I was in the Friday gang and only the coolest 7 people in my class were included. I was even an original founder.
  9. This neighborhood is so green and foresty! Does California suck?!
  10. During this walking tour tonight I peed at the park in between two trees while my mom was on the lookout and totally disgusted with me. I had to go!
  11. Mom kinda ruined everything at the end of the walk by asking me if I had "any projects lined up" 😑